Promote your music, product or service to 4 million TikTok followers?

Do you want to promote your song, product or service on Brand New Tracks on TikTok with 4 million followers?

Promote music on TikTok

It's super easy. Make sure your song is already on TikTok. Then I will to a post, using your song in it. Unlike most other influencers, I will always do the post with the audio at full force, not as background music during a conversation. I have to like your song. Professional production, mixing and mastering are important, but almost all genres are accepted. Over a thousand other artists have done it already.

Promote product or service on TikTok

You can also promote a product or service on my TikTok account, there has to be a match though between my account and your product or service. Because of my background as a musician and producer, I can also provide a video with a jingle. You can view an example I recently did on Brand New Tracks.

Interested? Send me a message of what you are looking for through the contact form, or go to Bowe on Instagram



"TikTok is one of the best places to promote new music and go viral!"

Flo Huffs (drummer)

"Since we've been on TikTok, our music has really taken off."

Steven Ale (vocalist)

"I'm so happy and excited to be working with Sia again and to share this sneak preview for our fans on TikTok."

David Guetta (dj)

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